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heard dan pfeiffer early use as defense of the irs all of those republicans doing a fishing expedition. how can they talk about the fishing expedition. it intimidates whistle blowers. go, anybody out there watching this show, paying attention to this story, has to worry about their own records. if the doj is willing to go after the world's largest news agency -- what are they willing to do to you? your mother? this is scary. three, the reason is, really undermines national security. to explain what happened here the ap like news organizations for many decades when they find out about this story, they got in contact with the cia. the government said that she this is dangerous. please don't put this information out. the ap as news organizations does, held off on this story. right? the cia never asked them to kill the story. very important to know. for five days the ap sat on the story, they took care of their asset. they said it's safe to run the story. they ran it. they needed an extra day. they wanted their pr plan to go in place. now, what happens is, other news organizations is going
korean defense ministry said north korea fired three missiles off its east coast, short-range guided missiles, not the midrange musudan missiles the united states feared they would launch last month. the missiles launched today are only capable of traveling 700 miles at most and officials here in tokyo say the missiles never reached japanese waters. north korea is known to fire off short-range missiles once every several months but the launches today followed the arrival of the u.s. aircraft carrier "uss nimitz." a move pyongyang has strongly criticized. the ship was brought into south korea last week for joint u.s. naval drills and north korea state tv called that a reckless attempt to invade their country ron. >> thank you, akiko for that report from tokyo. >>> residents of wednesday's deadly toward began picking up the pieces. some of those who live in granbury will be able to return home to gather belongings that they can find. workers are trying to restore water, raise electrical lines and clear debris. the tornado, of course, killed six people. >>> and federal prosecutors will
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2